Topstitched JacketHow organic hemp clothing can help the environment

The growing of industrial hemp has been surrounded by controversy in recent times. This is largely due to its association with marijuana, despite the fact that the THC (narcotic part) content is too low in industrial hemp to have any narcotic effect.

The US marijuana act of 1937 hampered and eventually destroyed the industry in the USA. This had repercussions elsewhere in the world where cultivation was either restricted or banned. This state of affairs was very convenient for both the woodpulp and petro-chemical industries; it effectively stopped hemp from being a serious competitor in providing fibre for paper, biodegradable plastics, and oils for paint and fuels.

This situation has changed recently however with the lifting of bans in many countries, including the UK.

Hemp is easy to cultivate, pest tolerant, and therefore lends itself well to organic farming methods.

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