The Blanket Approach is about creating something from nothing to help those with nothing.

The blanket approach is a project that was conceived during a bitterly cold winter when our boiler broke down. It was several weeks before we got it sorted and despite being in a well insulated building, we were absolutely freezing. This got me thinking about the plight of the homeless and I decided to come up with something tangible that I could offer them. 

Given the Season I was surrounded with tweeds and the first thing that came to mind was a blanket made from recycled woolen off-cuts.

My first endeavors to find post industrial waste off-cuts were not hugely successful since the mills tend to use their scraps or pass them onto craft producers. So I looked in a different place and managed to find sample lengths and manufacturers’ off-cuts. One London tailor that I approached was very suspicious of me and thought I was out to make a killing from his waste textiles!

The design that we are working from was created by Claire Youngs who is a brilliant graphic designer and has just published a books on recycling and reuse, her design has a Secessionist feel and could be wrapped around one of Klimt’s models.
Ardalanish, whose beautiful organic tweeds we use, were immediately up for getting involved and we are using some of their pieces to start with.

We are producing a range of items made using recycled fabrics, a percentage of revenue from each piece will enable us to make blankets which will be offered to homeless shelters. And as Alex from Ardalanish has pointed out, suffering from the cold is not just a winter problem for homeless people, blankets are needed the year round.


The Blanket Approach