Organic clothing and socially responsible design

All products are designed using:

  • eco textiles
  • careful consideration is given to fastenings
  • no synthetic interlinings are used
  • Labels are printed onto organic scraps

Boutique Ethique is celebrating ten years of working within the ethical clothing sector. We supply clothes made using fabrics sourced for their low environmental impact, made by people paid, not the minimum wage, but a realistic wage.

We support makers in the UK, whose skills are sadly being lost due to the ‘holy grail’ of cheap labour. We also support initiatives in other parts of the world, where producers are able to benefit from the added value of seeing the product through from fibre to finished article.

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We endeavour to establish long lasting relationships with these partners and hope that the current interest in ‘all things green’ will create a new arena where ethical production becomes the norm.

Linda Row believes that designing clothes in this Century requires an awareness of the environmental impact of all raw materials used, from growing the fibre to manufacturing and colouring the cloth.

Using organic cotton, organic linen and hemp, her aim is to combine good design with ethical manufacture and change the perception of 'Green Clothing'.

‘Fashion at worst is a vulgar expression of capitalism, exploiting the environment and garment makers worldwide. At best it is a means through which we can express our uniqueness and pay our respects to individuals who create on our behalf.
Boutique Ethique will provide clothes made in the best possible fashion.’

Linda Row

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